Good to see so many people taking the time to visit the RNLI with their lifejackets on 19 April for the free life jacket check. The RNLI have tabled the results from the day (below) which we strongly advise you read, disturbing as they may be.

For you safety, and that of your family and friends, please take the time to have your life jackets checked regularly and professionally.

Remember the RNLI also offer free on board safety checks, contact the station to arrange yours.


10.00HRS – 14.00HRS

39¬† Lifejackets were checked. These included three which the owner had decided to scrap and was persuaded to bring them in as examples [they weren’t in as bad a condition as many we have seen !]

9 had spray-hoods  all of which were on jackets which were 100% AOK.

12 jackets were in good working order but were missing Crotch Straps.

23 jackets had no Crotch Straps.

4 jackets had loose cylinders.

1 jacket had a completely unattached cylinder.

8 jackets had seriously corroded cylinders.

1 jacket had a loose Automatic firing attachment.

1 jacket had a completely corroded away firing pin.

1 jackets had a disintegrating outer cover which was seriously abraiding the inflatable buoyancy bag.

As a result considerably cylinder and general maintenance advice was given.

Three lifejackets were recommended to be returned to the manufacturers for their advice.

Six lifejackets were recommended [and accepted] to be written off, including the three which the owner had already decided on this course of action.

Further to this, one full Advice on Board was carried out, a second was arranged for 10 days time and one partial but incomplete AoB was given.


Jacquie Dowding, Tim Kingston, Alan Young, Eileen Remedios.